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Our proudest achievement is the outstanding leaders that Black Belt America has produced. Under the direction of the owners and our Chief Instructor, these fine young people are highly motivated to help the kids of our community succeed at martial arts and in life!

Absolutely! With almost 50 years of experience teaching martial arts, and children in particular, our nationally-recognized program is known for safety protocols and safety record.

You bet. Most of our students come from referrals, Just ask the instructor for a Bring-a-Friend card and we’ll do the rest.

Yes! We know that students of different ages are at different developmental stages. Not only are classes separated by age, but skill and experience level also. This ensures your child will be with other kids of similar age and experience.

Life Skills. While the kicking and punching skills are great exercise and a lot of fun for the kids to learn, it is even more important that they become Respectful, Confident Leaders in our community. Black Belt America is Madison’s B.E.S.T. Martial Arts School and focuses on Building Essential Skills Today!



Phone: (608) 420-5463

Address: 502 S High Point Road, Madison WI 53719

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